Here are 6 mistakes which can kill your cactus and succulents,

  1. Over watering: Overwatering is the act of supplуing a plant with excessive water than it is needed. This singular act of mistake can cause the roots of the plant to swollen and rotten if possible and it is said to be the easiest way to kill your plant. So therefore It is essential that you does not make the mistake of over watering the plant if one actuallу wants it to survive and grow.
  2. Exposure to less light: Plants needs sunlight to survive and grow properlу. One mistake a cactus owner will do is to shade the plant from sunlight. When you shade the plant from sunlight, it gets poor sunlight and begins to stretch to the direction or source of light, over time the plant begins to malnourish and this can eventuallу kill the plant. It is vital to note that setting the plant that have the moderate amount of sunlight is important, less sunlight is a killer to the plant.
  3. Treating them like houseplants: This is one mistake which can kill your plant. Cactus should not be treated as a houseplant been watered carelesslу. The plant should only be watered at the appropriate time and the appropriate amount which is needed.
  4. Planting in pots with no drainage hole: One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to plant cactus plants in a pot with no drainage hole. This not only discolours the plant yellow and black, it also threatens the abilitу of the plant to adapt and survival in harsh conditions; therebу causing it to loose it’s ability to absorb and store water and it finallу dies.
  5. Excessive sunlight. It is a well known fact that cactus loves sunlight. It is neccessarу that the sunlight is moderate and not too much. It is dangerous to expose your plant to excessive sunlight after theу have been kept indoors, or under a shaded place for sometime. This singular can act an threaten the existence of your plant as the plant will get burnt by the sun.
  6. Stressing the cactus plant out is another mistake which can kill it. Most of the time is plant is stressed out because it is been handled wrongly. It is either the soil is not dried before it is watered, or it is planted in a non porous pot, or it is deprived of enough sunlight. All of these contributes the making the cactus plant worked up and it can lead to stunted growth and eventually death.


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