Materials & Artisans

We share a vision of creating original, modern, and accessible design for every room in the home. We work out internationally , collaborating and pulling the best out of our community.


All out products are beautifully crafted individually so instead of being part of mass, they carry the character of the craftsmanship. Our suppliers still use modernized version of the ancient skills and methods which have been handed down from generation to generation. We love handmade and the uniqueness in each item.


We work only with natural products, and materials shapes our collection. We care about our planet and don’t use plastic in our packaging or in our product designs. Using only natural materials allows us to transfer the character of the untreated raw materials in the most beautiful way.

Our Artisans

We are proud of our artisans. All our products are crafted in the hands of local masters with an obsessive attention to detail. Our Artisans reflects their character and personalities to every piece they curate. We have travelled from Dehua China to Moradabad India, you will discover our artisans personalities, aspirations and talents.

We value this age-old knowledge and the character in each item, we want to support handing down these skills from generation to generation.

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