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Hanging, standing, wooden or ceramic – planters are definitely one of the most precious decoration items that lighten up any room. Choosing a planter box for a jazzy living space has never been more fun thanks to Kimisty’s gracious and high-quality planter collection. If you are one of those many people that don’t own a backyard but want the same effect in their indoor area, then these pots and planters are the perfect go-to-source for you.

Hanging Planters

Whether it’s planters that hang on fences or just a simple planter hanger with a boho twist; hanging planters are definitely the new catch when it comes to indoor plant landscaping. With these modern planter pots, you can hang your favorite plants from the ceiling, fasten them neatly to the wall or create a mini garden shelf that will grab the attention of anyone visiting. While ceramic pots are the perfect fit for a modern decor, a wooden and iron-plated planter hanging from the ceiling will definitely boost the boho-chic atmosphere of the area. Deciding upon a planter for the nursery is much easier now with Kimisty’s high-quality ceramic and eco-friendly wooden hanging planters.

Succulent Planters & Succulent Pots

Easy to look after and a pleasure to look at; succulents tend to have a very special place in the modern-day home decor craze. While most people enjoy live plants in their home, many of them search for the effortless care that succulents provide, as well as the ideal pot for their healthy growth and cosmetic look. Planters for succulents usually come in a variety of forms and sizes; the most popular ones being metal or ceramic. Kimisty’s unique collection of succulent planters offer a retro touch, bringing both functionality and minimalism to any space. Adding a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to a room of any size and purpose is a piece of cake with these amazing succulent planters and succulent pots. Decorate these succulent planters with the prettiest succulents of different shapes and enjoy the mid-century modern planter trend in your home.

Plant Stands & Vases

For a contemporary finish to the modern design of your living room, a planter stand is a non-negotiable piece if you want the full package. While a golden planter on stand provides a certain elegance and glamour, a wooden plant stand promises a vintage yet coetaneous appearance. Whether you plan on using your planter stand indoor or outdoor, Kimisty offers the best quality and the most affordable prices for an ideal buy. Don’t forget to check out the vases and planter pots that will brighten up your centerpiece as well.

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